A joint venture between Marita Group, an African conglomerate, and NexChange Group, global technology ecosystem and venture builder, to build out a blockchain platform to facilitate the development of the blockchain ecosystem in Africa. The development is ensured through events, education, thought leadership, company development and acceleration, along with venture investment flow to the African continent.  MarNex aims to bridge African blockchain community to the major blockchain hubs across the world.  Our mission is “By connecting blockchain in Africa the world will come”  


Building a vibrant and sustainable ecosystem requires a long-term vision.  MarNex intends to advance an inclusive Pan-African approach with full support from the African Union and the inclusive participation of financial institutions, corporates, governments, start-ups, investors, service providers and individuals. We believe the pillars of the blockchain ecosystem will be rooted in education, thought leadership and real companies building projects. Communication of members within the ecosystem, and collaboration or partnership with international blockchain communities will broaden the network and deepen the ties between companies and industries.

Our first project will be to create the annual inaugural Africa Blockchain Week Virtual Summit 2021 to facilitate the awareness of the Africa blockchain movement.  We foresee this to be the main blockchain event in Africa which will grow in participation and importance in the forthcoming years


Elevating the knowledge of corporates, financial institutions, regulators, and the general public through customised Master Classes taught live and online.  By educating the African community about blockchain, we can create faster adoption and better equip the labour force with high skill sets to elevate their opportunities for better jobs.  Decentralisation is not only the tenet of the technology, but the philosophy of the way companies are operated in the space with talent working in many locations.  By educating the African ecosystem, the labour force can work on any project around the world and will accelerate the adoption of blockchain

Thought Leadership

It is important to stand out of the crowd with global thought leadership in the blockchain space. Africa has particular needs only blockchain can solve. The community of African leaders and global blockchain movers and shakers will come together on an annual basis to tackle this with the development of a Think Tank.  Furthermore, through the development of a blockchain association with the objective of addressing the wider adoption of blockchain in Africa, we aim to unite the various community players to facilitate the removal of the barriers for crypto and blockchain adoption


Providing the African market with either home grown product solutions or international partners, we intend to address the fundamental needs in Africa for the use of blockchain, such as to improve the financial lives of the unbanked with digital banking solutions, improving of tracking, reducing of middlemen, creating permanent record keeping within industries such as self-sovereign identity, agriculture, healthcare and NFTs, to name a few. MarNex will identify where the pain points are and create companies to address these needs in Africa

Venture Investing

Our investment philosophy is to provide strategic investment. This requires a reach to the broader investor base that invests in blockchain / crypto projects.  Through the development of the blockchain ecosystem we will create an important funnel for deal flow. Through the local Marita Group network, we will have access to African investment community, while NexChange will bring its network of global investment communities to the blockchain

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