A joint venture between Marita Group, an African conglomerate, and NexChange Group, global technology ecosystem and venture builder, to build out a blockchain platform to facilitate the development of the blockchain ecosystem in Africa. The development is ensured through events, education, thought leadership, company development and acceleration, along with venture investment flow to the African continent.  MarNex aims to bridge African blockchain community to the major blockchain hubs across the world.  Our mission is “By connecting blockchain in Africa the world will come”  

 Marita Group, is a global company focused on:

  • Turnkey solutions in real estate development, theme parks, smart cities
  • Renewable energy and waste recovery, hydrogen production, electric mobility
  • Sustainable agriculture and sustainable development
  • Local mining development of natural resources
  • Health, medical products, equipment and supplies


Nexchange is a venture builder and media platform, specialising in Blockchain, FinTech, AI, Healthtech, Entertainment and Smart Cities. By creating a global O2O community, we create, market, invest into and access innovative products


Rahhal Boulgoute

Juwan Lee

Hicham Belarbi

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Rahhal Boulgoute

Mr Rahhal Boulgoute is founder and CEO of Marita Group, an African Conglomerate. Founder and CEO of multiple companies around the world operating in diverse lines of business such as real estate and construction, renewable energies, telecommunication and network security, road transports and urban logistics, cork production and distribution, agriculture, manufacturing, refrigeration and food preservation, production, marketing synthetic geo products, electric Mobility. President of the National Confederation of the Operators of the cork in Morocco, award : "Véritable honneur mérité par l'entreprise", member of « Leaders Club Exportations Maroc", president of the Iraqi-maroco Foundation. President of AMIL ``Moroccan Association of Industrialists of cork´´, Vice President of the European cork confederation, Member of the board of the Banque Populaire du Maroc.

Juwan Lee

Juwan Lee is an entrepreneur, venture builder and investment professional with 30+ years of investment industry experience. He is the Chairman and Group CEO of NexChange Group, a digital merchant bank. He is the Principal of Arrakis Ventures family office and the Co-founder and Vice Chairman of Asia Pacific Digital Economy Institute. Serves as the Honorary Chairman for the US Commerce Department Certified Virtual Trade Mission for Blockchain & Digital Asset Fund Managers in Hong Kong. CoinTelegraph ranked Mr. Lee among the top 8 blockchain influencers in Asia. Mr Lee was formerly the Chief Investment Officer of the largest Shanghai-based asset management firm. He spent numerous years at JP Morgan in a variety of roles from principal investments to head of equity. As an early pioneer in investing in technology, he managed portfolios on behalf of SAC Capital, Osprey, Rothschilds and Montgomery. He funded many star companies in the Silicon Valley.

Hicham Geneva

Hicham spent almost 15 years in international diplomacy with the Qatar Mission to the United Nations in Geneva.  For 6 years he has been serving as the Senior Officer at the ICSS Switzerland a non-profit sports foundation based in Geneva. Since the beginning of the Pandemic, he worked to open a commercial bridge between Switzerland and the Middle East and the African countries.   He is a partner in Africa BlockChain Week which’s co-hosted by NexChange and Marita Group.  He holds a bachelor’s degree in Economics and Science and is an avid Golf player and enjoys horse riding with his kids.